The modern, innovative Jet Ski rental experience!

Delivery to Your Desired Location

Pricing Options

1 Hour

1 Jet Ski
$ 65
  • Per Hour Per Jet Ski
  • $20 Delivery Fee
  • $250 Refundable Deposit

1 Hour

2 Jet Skis
$ 130
  • Per Hour Per 2 Jet Skis
  • $20 Delivery Fee
  • $250 Refundable Deposit

4 Hours

2 Jet Skis
$ 400
  • Save $250
  • $20 Delivery Fee
  • $250 Refundable Deposit

All Day

2 Jet Skis
$ 800
  • Save $290 (8 Hr Max)
  • $20 Delivery Fee
  • $250 Refundable Deposit

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Booking/Info: (813) 564-7439

Who we Are

Jet Gang Watersports is a locally run watersports rental organization based out of Tampa, FL. The company offers jet ski rental and other watersport activities across Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg. The goal of the company is to offer its consumers a modern, innovative rental experience, all while upholding a customer service first approach. The jet ski rental industry as we know it today is evolving and JGWS is poised to be at the forefront of industry leading modern day service. These services include delivery options, accessory offerings, and custom rates quotes to give the consumer a peace of mind that has convenience at its foundation.

Spark 3up

  • Seats Up to 3 People (400lb limit)
  • 90HP
  • Storage for Personal Needs
  • IBR (Brake, Reverse, Neutral Technology)


Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Dunedin and MORE!

What to Expect

An innovative, customer service focused rental experience! Our goal is to ensure your rental experience is beyond exceptional and you enjoy your time at a fair, reasonable price.

We are fully insured *Ride with a safe peace of mind!*

What's Included


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What to Bring

  • Two forms of Identification (Driver’s License, Passport, Identification Card, etc.)
  • Form of payment: cash, credit cards, and debit cards all accepted. No checks or money orders
  • Comfortable swimwear, watersuits, bathing suits,
  • COMFORTABLE footwear suggested

Additional Info

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled rental time
  • Please read through all terms and conditions
  • All safety rules and conditions per Florida Law must be followed
  • Life Vests are REQUIRED
  • Waiver form will be provided and is REQUIRED to complete before rental
  • Must obtain FL Approved Boat Rental Temporary License (If Applicable)

Have Questions?

Booking/Info: (813) 564-7439